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Christina Araokiasamy Welcome to my spice home!
Growing up in Malaysia, I still recall the aromas permeating the air – where the life-giving energy of the monsoon rains grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices – all greet me like a long lost friend. These herbs and spices are blended creatively to produce some of the world's most exceptional food – Southeast Asian cuisine. You will experience this flavorful journey for health and balance through my cookbook and my cooking classes.
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Spice Merchant's Daughter Book Cover
"Part memoir, part primer, Christina Arokiasamy's recent cookbook, The Spice Merchant's Daughter, is a delicious excuse to buy all those spices you've never known what to do with." —J.M. HIRSCH, AP Food Editor
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“The perfumes of Malaysia practically float off the pages of this beautifully composed cookbook. Illuminating her techniques with vivid personal anecdotes, Arokiasamy offers a tantalizing glimpse of a rich, vibrant culture and all its scents and flavors.” —Publisher’s Weekly
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“There is perhaps no better candidate to write about this cuisine than Christina Arokiasamy, a formally trained cook of Indian ancestry whose mother was a Kuala Lumpur spice merchant." —The Wall Street Journal
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10 Best Cookbooks of 2008, “This elegant little book is for those of us who hunger for dishes that explode onto the palate.” —National Public Radio
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